Ionic Steam Kit for vaginal steam

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This ionic steam kit makes vaginal and perineal steaming a breeze and can be used with most any existing steam seat box or chair. Can even be used to create a steam shower.

This v-steam machine works by creating steam in the unit that sits outside the area holding steam. The steam then travels through the tubing into the steam cup inside the seat. The cup has holes on the sides that press the steam perfectly out the sides to produce a perfect even steam inside. You can add herbs in the cup inside the seat or even put your custom herb infusion inside main water reservoir

This machines makes a TON of steam! Very steamy product.

Variable power controls from 1 to 9. Remote control controls both time and temperature. We found it takes about 15 minutes to heat to full steam.

Steam kit includes:

  • Remote control
  • Steam generator body holding up to 1.8 liters (8 in tall X 6 and 8 in wide)
  • Steam herb cup with basket and lid (3.5 in X 3 in)
  • One each 4 in and 22 in tubing (1/2 in)



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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in
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