Shakti Spa Electric V-Steam machine Replacement base

vaginal steam machine, v steam, yoni steamShakti Spa Vaginal steam, personal body steamerShakti Spa Vaginal steam, personal body steamer
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Imagine there is a place in your home where you can go to be wrapped in warmth and steam, surrounded by the perfume of heated herbs. A place where you can dim the lights and both nourish and heal your female body. A place where you can honor her. With the Shakti Spa, you have everything you need to create that space.


The Shakti spa serves as a 3 in 1 steamer: pelvic, facial and nasal

  • Far infra red light setting which may strongly enhance it’s detoxification benefits.
  • Three steam volume settings, Automatic, high, low
  • Adjustable steam vent
  • Built in timer with automatically turns the machine off after 35 minutes
  • LED indicator light
  • Comfortable ergonomic design with soft removable, washable seat cushion.
  • One year warranty from manufacturer defects
  • Rated  to hold up to 300lbs, so goddesses of all shapes sizes can heal themselves.

Included in box:

  • electric base (main body)
  • seat column with removable washable urethane seat cushion
  • facial sauna cup
  • measuring cup for water
  • 15 Artemisia Moon herbal packets for use on face and seat
  • Sauna skirt
  • Bio-ceramic tourmaline disc, radiating negative ions
  • container for herb pouch and tourmaline disc




Replacement base for shakti spa (Base only)

The Shakti Spa may help with the following conditions:

“Please consult with your medical care provider about your unique condition”
Postpartum care including relieving and healing tears and perineal discomfort
Irregular, absent or painful menstruation
Stagnant fertility conditions
Endometriosis and PCOS
Uterine weakness
Uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts and scar tissue
Decreasing anal pressure or pain
Relief of perineal discomfort
Provide moisture and nutrition to the entire face and nasal passages
The V steam internally cleanses vaginal and uterine membranes by detoxifying, strengthening and toning reproductive organs and cleansing any unshed menses.

This Shakti Spa. V steam system features a far infra red light setting which may strongly enhance it’s detoxification benefits.
Other features include:

  • Adjustable steam settings (auto, high and low)
  • Built in timer with automatically turns the machine off after 35 minutes
  • Comfortable urethane cushion cover.
  • The vaginal/facial steamer includes: Main body, steam cylinder, facial sauna cup, measuring cup, herb container, 15 Mugwort packs (for detoxification and toning), sauna skirt and a bio-ceramic disk (radiating negative-ions)
  • The product includes a one year warranty from manufacturer defects only and is rated  to hold up to 300 lbs, so goddesses of all sizes can heal themselves.


Now you can have your very own vaginal yoni steam machine and use it in the privacy of your own home.

Product Features

Some other product features

  • LED indicator light shows working status
  • Power: AC 110V
  • A far infra red light with its own control so you can run it with the light or without and the bioceramic disc radiating negative ions
  • Convenient and safe to use
  • 3-in-1: pelvic steam, facial steamer and nose steamer
  • Steam sitz bath – Postpartum care, decreasing anal pressure, relieving anal pain, relief of perineal discomfort, postpartum perineal care
  • Facial steam massage – Providing moisture and nutrition to the entire face
  • Steam volume can be controlled by the steam adjusting lever
  • Three steam volume settings (Low, High and Automatic)
  • Extended steaming is comfortable due to the ergonomic design and soft urethane cushion
  • Built-in timer – Automatically turns off after 35 min.
  • Can be used with mugwort for toning and use with any other herb blends

5- 8 minutes after turning on the power button, the water starts boiling and will begin fumigation.

  1. Please check to make sure the equipment is clean and working properly.
  2. Fill the measuring cup with clean water and pour the water into the stainless steel container in the main body of the device. If the container is empty, poor approximately 50 ml of water. If you are adding more water, leave at least 5 mm from the top of the container. (The device may malfunction if water overflows from the stainless steel container.)
  3. Insert the ceramic disc and the herb pack plate in the herb container. Close the lid of the herb container and place it on top of the stainless steel container.
  4. Plug in the device and turn on the power switch. The power lamp will light up. Steam quantity is adjustable with “High/Low/Automatic” buttons. The “Automatic” button is pressed, and the temperature is repeatedly converted to high temperature/ low temperature every 15 seconds. Steam will start to rise up in 5~8 minutes. If you wish to begin hip fumigation without waiting, pour boiling water into the container and use the device a minute later.
  5. Press the ‘Lamp’ button, and far-infrared ray is emitted with the red light lit.
  • If the power is on but there is not enough water in the container, the safety device (bimetal) will start working and an LED lamp will light up accompanied by a warning tone.
  • When safety device (bimetal) is restored, warning sound stops. If more water is supplied, the safety device (bimetal) will automatically switch off 3 minutes later.
  • Press the power button to restart the device after the safety device (bimetal) switches off.
  1. Mount the seat onto the main body by connecting the holes on the seat bottom to the main device.
  • The pointed part of the seat is the front side.
  • If the seat is not properly connected to the main body, the seat may fall off, causing the user to fall over and sustain burns.
  • Place the urethane cushion cover on the seat.
  • If the cushion cover is not placed properly, you may feel discomfort while using the device or the cover may slip off and cause injuries.
  1. When the steam starts rising through the seat, remove your undergarments and lower yourself onto the seat.
  2. If the steam feels too hot even on low setting, you may wear thin cotton underwear or cover the seat with a thin layer of gauze

  1. Fill the measuring cup with clean water and pour the water into the stainless steel container in the main body of the device.
  2. Mount the (smaller-sized) cup for the face onto the main body of the device to begin.
  3. Enjoy the steam massage while keeping a safe distance from the device. (If you get too close to the device, you may sustain burns. Keep your face at least 20 cm away from the device.)
  4. You may experience loss of vision if you keep the far infrared ray lamp on during the facial steam massage.
  • Please remember to turn the lamp off before beginning the facial steaming.


I use a organic toxic free sanitizer called Benefect and spray on the seat and column which lifts off easily.
Use a disposable paper face rest cover the kind that is soft and lays flat on the seat. All is washable except the base.

Weight Limits: 

Manufacturer guarantees the product for a year and it also is rated to hold up to 300lbs

It is totally fine for larger ladies!


Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in

Directions for use Shakti Spa

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