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What is the Shakti Spa?

The Shakti Spa vaginal steam machine is a gentle, safe, easy-to-use at home steam system that helps relieve stress and tension by increasing circulation and balancing many female discomforts. With regular use this practice can increase the health and well-being of the face and vagina (AKA yoni)!


How does the Shakti Spa help the vagina?
The Shakti spa works by bringing the healing benefits of the ancient time tested, healing ritual of sitting over gently heated herb infused steam to the modern woman.

The Shakti Spa works by detoxifying the skin and body with far infra red waves. These infra red waves radiating nurturing negative ions. The increased circulation from the gentle perineal steam it provides, stimulates blood flow, rejuvenates and increases circulation to the entire pelvis.

With the gentle herb infused steam, it renews, relaxes and yet tones the pelvic floor, labia, vulva and vagina by awakening powerful acupuncture points that activate a woman’s self healing potential for balance in her body and mind.

How does The Shakti Spa help the face?
The Shakti Spa provides moisture, restores and deep cleans face. Detoxifies, improves circulation and leaves skin soft and radiant with the added nourishment of carefully selected herbs and flowers for the herb infused steam. This same steam supports and clears nasal passages restoring easy breathing. “as above so below”

The Shakti Spa vaginal steam can ease discomfort caused by…
vaginal dryness, menopause, poor circulation, low libido, vaginal pain, painful intercourse, painful periods, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts and just about any menstrual discomfort you can think of.