FAQ’s: Steam Queen Responds to Your Questions About V-steam Machine

I have had my oldest unit since October 2012, just recently one of the infra red lights went out, I do not see a way to replace the lights nor do I know what type of bulb is used. WE have 5 in use at The Red Tent clinic and they receive heavy use, we have literally done thousands of steams on our machines and none have broken.

No never needed to replace the disc, we have replacement discs.You may also use jade stones or any crystal. Black tourmaline would be an excellent replacement

This is perfect for your venue now, all you’d need is a sink or even paper towels to empty water from cup.

You can just set the disc in the water cup OR use a strainer a metal strainer to keep tea bag and disc over the water reservoir

Don’t know will try and ask manufacturer

The one I’ve had one since 2012 is just now getting kind of beat-up I’d say 2 years of heavy use.

The same amount as a cup of tea 2 to 4g or more if you desire so about a tablespoon full

it is completely silent

I will do my best and plan on shipping worldwide if needed. …it weighs 9 lbs to ship.

I will try and get information on the plastic but I do know even baby bottle plastic is not truly safe either..the unit.
It does not have the vibration of toxic plastic at all, no odor, off gassing whatsoever. The water cup is stainless steel, anything else made of metal or ceramic on unit would get way too hot, plastic is really the only option for such a portable unit. I can tell you using it you don’t get the feeling the plastic parts are being heated up at all, the plastic parts are not being “cooked”

Yes anything! Even hydrosols in the cup, flower essences:-)

As far as sanitizing use a organic toxic free sanitizer and spray on the seat and column which lifts off easily.
Use a disposable paper face rest cover the kind that is soft and lays flat on the seat. All is washable except the base.

Manufacturer says its guarantees the product for a year and it also is rated to 900 lbs another question I get when I show it because it looks really tiny it is totally fine for larger ladies!