Yoni eggs are natural semiprecious gemstones hand carved into an egg shape, women insert the egg internally into the vagina for numerous health and spiritual benefits. Yoni eggs are used during traditional kegels that add weight and create resistance to enhance kegel exercises.  Yoni eggs are also used to energetically cleanse the self through the power of crystal healing therapy.  Use of yoni eggs is the only organic holistic approach to vaginal rejuvenation and vitality!

Yoni eggs originated centuries ago on the Asian continent where they used “Jade Eggs” to increase sexual power and pleasure.  It wasn’t until recently that the west discovered all the health benefits and adapted the term Yoni Eggs.  Yoni literally meaning “vagina” or “womb” is a sign of generative power and that symbolizes the Shakti essence the creative feminine power that created the universe.  Yoni eggs and jade eggs are essentially the same thing, jade eggs refer to the use of the jade stone while yoni eggs is a general term for all the different stones used internally for vaginal fitness.

Whatever the reasons is for yoni egg therapy, every women can gain benefits from its practice. A healthy strong vagina promotes numerous benefits:

Strengthen and tighten vaginal muscles
Treats incontinence
Helps prevent uterine and bladder prolapse
Increases sexual arousal and orgasms
Increases vaginal lubrication
Prepare for child birth
Faster recovery from child birth
Energetic cleansing
Reduce PMS symptoms
Natural organic vaginal rejuventation