Why Shakti?

Shakti means feminine, the powerful creative feminine energy that created the universe.

About The Red Tent and The Shakti Spa

Welcome to our online V-shop! The Shakti Spa vaginal steam machine is being produced exclusively for The Red Tent healing arts, a full featured healing Arts center in Delray Beach Fl. The Red Tent is the culmination of a collective dream whose time has come… that every woman not only needs, but deserves a safe sanctuary where her physical, emotional and spiritual health, within all cycles of her life are honored.

Collectively, the practitioners, doctors, nurses, healers, midwives, doulas and therapists at the Red Tent have over 100 years of experience in women’s heath and are a trusted source for holistic health in South Florida and beyond.

When you purchase a Shakti Spa, not only are you purchasing the first western branded vaginal steam machine and supporting a open hearted woman owned business, but you are tapping into the wisdom of all the women that we work with here at The Red Tent, and all the wisdom of the millions of women that have come before us.

We believe this time tested ancient wisdom must not be forgotten…her time has come… Sisters, it time to deepen ourselves; take responsibility, to heal our bodies, minds & spirits consciously…We will be fed by the rich stores of nature; nourished by the fullness of our life’s journey.,